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king krule portrait. still unfinished. 
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Walls of Writing
A mysterious author somewhere in Chongqing, central China has written an entire story on the walls of this abandoned house. The story is about a Kung-Fu super-hero and his adventure. No one knows who or where the author of this story is. 
He describes the super-hero in one line as: “I was 17… I have reactions like lightning, hearing like a bat, my vision is like a hawk, and I am as strong as a general.” -[X]
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Relatable posts daily?

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Narrator: Only 600 miles to the south, there’s a vast city. And here you find civilized man. Civilized man refused to adapt himself to his environment; instead, he adapted his environment to suit him. So he built cities, roads, vehicles, machinery, and he put up power lines to run his labour-saving devices. But somehow he didn’t know where to stop. The more he improved his surroundings to make life easier, the more complicated he made it. So now his children are sentenced to 10-15 years of school, just to learn how to survive in this complex and hazardous habitat they were born into. And civilized man, who refused to adapt to his surroundings, now finds he has to adapt and re-adapt every hour of the day to his self-created environment. For instance, if it’s Monday and 7:30 comes up, you have to dis-adapt from your domestic surroundings and re-adapt yourself to an entirely different environment. 8:00 means everybody has to look busy. 10:30 means you can stop looking busy for 15 minutes. And then you have to look busy again. And so your day is chopped into pieces, and in each segment of time you adapt to a new set circumstances. No wonder some people go off the rails a bit…

The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980)

(Source: niquebynature)

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This is what it’s like when I go on someone’s blog and a playlist starts playing. 

how the fuck did they film that scene 

they threw a radio at his face

#this was the 2000s people#we didn’t have your young people ‘special effects’#we just had gumpton and actors who could take a fucking radio to the face#those were the days
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I finished the stitch and framed it. (Plus you can actually see the colour of the thread in daylight)
It’s the lyrics to a song by Fidlar.
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FIDLAR at Burgerama III.
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Artist: FIDLAR


I’m at a party and I’m barfin’ I can barely see,
And every time I talk to you well I can never breathe, 
I’m gettin’ drunker I’m a bummer I should just call her, 
And don’t you know I’m really good at making this feel awkward.

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This is one of the best fucking gifs I have ever seen
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Me (located in Iceland) and my friend (located in New Zealand) made the biggest sandwich of all time.

imagine all the crust that needs to be removed…
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Probably the best sentence to both to put people in their place and simultaneously start a party.